Snow Man's CUT fr. SC 04.02

WOOOOWWWWW.. My first journal on 2015, yappari it's about Snow Man again.. YEYYY!!!
Starting the new year with many Snow Man >O< tho i didn't feel it directly, but thanks to onigiris who always gave me many repo from their stage or magazines :) ..

On this February too, they'd their own appearances on Shokura.. This make me DOKI_DOKI whenever i watch it.. I can't count how many i repeat this live.. They are so kakkooii >.</ So adorable :3 Iwamoto kuuunn,, ORRZZZ!!!!! He always make me crazy all the time.. Sometimes i need something to make me calm down #uhukk.. Snow Man with six member is SAIKOOUUU!!!.. </span>
TAKICHANNEL moo, WOAAA, morning attack, when i check it, and i saw Iwamoto's and Abe's name.. ARGGHH~~ HEART ATTACK >.< .. They are~ they are~ they are sooooooooooooo~~~~~~~ #speechless..
Can't wait for "Ai no Katamari" next week ></ </span>
Lately, Abe kun appeard on gamushara too HAHA i feel excited to watch him like that, kawaii yoo Abe chaan :) , he play around with another Jr like a kid LOL, i like this show!! Abe get more fans now haha, specially in Indonesia, congratz Abe chaaab :D !!!! He looks like innocent kid.. Please Johnny-san, give another member opportunity to00 >.< .. Shota will have too, but sadly, why he always become MC :( i think he will suit the game well HAHAHA (and become loudest as usual i think XDD)..

Aaahh, i cut this file dedicated to my friend hahaha, she requested me.. Let's enjoy it togetheeerrr!!!!
From 04.02 Shokura (too much SnowMan there WOAA).. Koreee~~~ :)
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5. ABCZ Space Traveller

I'm very appreciated if you give some comments.. Thank you :)
Ha ha ha..... No matter what, you will come back to snow Man eventually.

Let's pray that this is not a one-time thing but it should be a monthly thing so that we will get crazy every month. Ha ha ha