Random feeling #smile


Yeah, my suno feeling is going higher now XD.. Look at new magazines and i found out Iwafukka, yeaaahh~~~ That's good nee~ #smile.. Altough, i don't understand Nihongo, that's enough too see them there.. Also Yuki too :) with his new hair (looks more handsome rather than his 'absurd' hair, i think..) And when i open my twitter account, there're tons of Suno's pikku everywhere, reporting about their performances at Kisumai concert, my friend told me about how Japan fans report and sharing their appearances at Kisumai's on Instagram.. Make me feel envy, jealous :3, how lucky they are.. But, that's no prob, i promise i'll be a PRO fg haha XD.. And someday i'll watch their solo con :) #ameen..

Yesterday, i watched Shokura >~< (Nov 5th), i'm surprised Ganchan participated in Nekketsu Battle.. He introduced himself with loud voice, 3 2 1 HIKARU!!!! (make me LOL), i think Kento provoked them :3..

PhotoGrid_1415691947248 PhotoGrid_1415691986117

But, his smile always make my heart beat.. Kawaii Ganchann >~<.. And he grab Aran's shoulder 3 times, :D i don't know why, but i'm too happy after see that :D.. Like anii with his ototo (SnowMan to Travis Japan) ^O^ .. My happines is completed with Shota's appearances on Gamushara.. Altough he did 'nothing', his laugh style always make me LOL, hahahaha.. It's very funny! (I hope there will be more Suno on Gamushara)..

On August, i have gathering with other Suno fans :).. Just 4 people (include me) nee, (my friends are Aiu, Tya, and Dani) but i guess that's a awesome gathering.. We stayed at Aiu's home, Indramayu.. We are from different region actually, but our enthusiasm of SnowMan took me there haha such a reckless girls we are..
We'd a happy time there, talking about SnowMan day by day, night over night haha (silly girls, i think LOL).. Although the topics is same, but we didn't fell bored hahaha.. Discuss about MSM, until SnowMan, watch Kabuki, scream a lot, make some noise, etc XD..

But, the 2nd day we make "something" haha.. That is SUNO CHOCO :D.. Actually we don't have experience with chocolate, cooking, etc.. but we did it!!! hahaha tho the result is not perfect but we were very happy >~<

IMG_20140826_224330 IMG_20140826_224739

It's harddd neee~~, hahaha.. When we start to print the snowman, aaah~~ it's a hard part, we deal with the color too XD, making our biased is too struggle for us LOL, such as Iwamoto, Shota, Non/Yuki (our biased).. And the result is not bad i think XD, we'd hardwork to make it haha (that's so funny :3)

1409072112847 IMG_20140826_225117

I'm happy to met them ^^ .. And we'll have to get more gathering, i think hahaha..

Yesterday i heard about Jr's Winter new drama (my friend mention me everywhere haha, thanks to them), there're a lot of Jr will join it.. YEEYYYY!!!! Include Iwafukka >~<, there are Travis Japan too (Yes!!) Nakada Hiroki, Kajiyama Asahi, Morita Myuto, Abe Aran, Miyachika Kaito, and Yoshizawa Shizuya.. Some of Junibo will join too Hara Yoshitaka, Meguro Ren (actually, i hope Moritsugu can join this drama U.U).. The main role is Kishi Yuta, so many so many Jr haha too much~~

Lately, i like to see Shizuya (Travis Japan).. haha i think he's grown up well, looks more handsome now.. When i watched Takichannel, kyaaak i'm shocked haha How georgeous he is XD..

Yesterday is a Shokura's schedule too nee? hehe i hope more Suno will appear on it, maybe just Iwafukka that's enough for me XD, but i wish i can watch the full member performance, i'll be waiting :D.. 'Coz the other member is busy with kisumai con tho.. But ganbare for you all.. :)
It's great that you have met your friends who are also Snow Man's fans. I envy with you. T____T

hahaha yeah that's awesome XD.. c'mon Anh, u can do it too :) .. At first i don't have any friends of SnowMan too, but i started to join any gathering (ebi, Jr, etc.) it'll give u an opportunity to make new friends :D.. I think, (somewhere out there in Vietnam) there're some fans of Suno, hehe.. You can do it!! Have u joined any gathering before?
Ha ha ha... Yeah. I've been KT's fan for nearly 10 years so I had many fan meetings with Vietnamese fangirls who are KT's fans and we're still friends now. We usually hand out with each other on KT members' birthdays. Ha ha ha.... But now I'm not living in Vietnam so it's hard to get a fan meeting. T____T

I want to have Snow Man's fan meeting. >.
:D don't be sad Anh.. i believe u will meet 'them' someday :).. Do u like the other Jr? such as Baka6 or Traja? I like them too hehehe.. (i like all Jr tachi XD, but SnowMan is extraordinary and special for me haha, i think u know how deep my feeling XD, afterall we're same, right? haha SnowMan lover :D).. Did u watch the last shokura?

Heeeh? no more in Vietnam? where are u now?
Ah, besides Snow Man, I love all Dance Family members = Yaracchi, 4U., TheyBudou, and "MAD". I live a few members of Travis Japan, mostly from former Jr.A coz I got to know them from Playzone.

I'm living in Finland now for studying. >.<

The latest Shokura? The one that Gan-chan and Fukka appeared in the opening song?
Aaah Yaraa ~~ Iwamoto's admired senpai ne? hehe.. Yeah, dance family always make us excited :D.. I like them too, i mean MAD MADE 4U etc XD..

Yeaaah~~ They sang "Believe Your Smile" hehe, Iwafukkaaaa >~< hansamuuu~ kakkoiii~~ and the opening is amazing too.. I love their medley song hehe.. And there are many Jr (chibikko tachi) perform YEAHH!!.. Love itttt~~

Finland? WOW.. That's great! What subject?
I'm pursuing Master's degree in International Business. Still working on my thesis now.

Yeah, but too bad that IwaFukka only appeared at Believe your Smile then I couldn't see them for the rest of the medley.

I heard that next month Shokura IwaFukka also appeared but don't know how they will appear. Well, somehow I'm frustrated with JE management. They separate Snow Man into 2 vs 4. I know it's good for Snow Man that IwaFukka is pushed forward but I just want the whole Snow Man together. The only time they can be together is when Tackey put them together. That's why I love Tackey and Tsubasa a lot.
Yeaah, so sad.. I want to SnowMan together too, but T.T how cruel.. U know about Sexy Zone too, right? Separate in 2 and 3, Sexy Zone's fans feel so dissapointed.. Like us now.. We know that SnowMan will look "shine" if they perform as a group.. Many people said that's 'coz of "the new management"? That's might be true tho.. All of Jr concept is different now, such as Shokura, Jr dorama, etc.

Thanks to "uncle" Tackey n Tsubasa for give them an opportunity to perform as a group.. "This person" (Tackey) knew SnowMan's feeling a lot >.< .. Also Ebisu, they love SnowMan too, don't u? And i hope they will join in TnT concert at the end of this year (right?)..

Hmm, next month.. just two of them (again), okay.. i'll be waiting :).. Whatever how management now, we always support them tho.. Hopefully, the management-san can understand how fans feel..

WOAA, that's great Loan!! >O<.. Ganbatte for your thesis!! hehe..
New management? I didn't hear about it? What is new management? As I know, well like 10 years ago, Shokura was managed by Johnny-san coz Julie never cared about Jrs while Ijima had not stepped into management. Now I know Johnny-san is getting old and Julie vs Ijima is already famous in fandom but Julie still never cares for Jrs.

Actually, I think Tackey is more like a guardian to Snow Man. But his power is still weak, he does not get involved in the JE management. Rather, he focuses more on producing like Johnny-san. So somehow I feel like he has to let the said new management give job to Snow Man and it breaks our Snow Man into 2 vs 4. T___T

Considering now Snow Man are quite free so think they will be main backdancers for T&T concert. What I'm worried about is Tsubasa-kun who is seriously sick at this moment.
Aaah i'm not sure tho, but i heard Ijima is manage Jrs now.. But, not sure.. I'm just a passive fans i think hehe (didn't search info like that), just heard it from the other..

Yeah, Tackey~~ someone who knew how SnowMan feels.. I think so too, but i'm glad Tackey always supporting SnowMan, love them so much (thanks Tackey >~<)..

"Uncle" Tsubasa had a sick? How come? Didn't hear anything here U.U
I see. No wonder I have a feeling that Ijima has her hand in the spotlight Jrs nowadays, you know Sexy Boyz etc.

Tsubasa-kun has beeen diagnosed with Meniere's disease. You can google to get more information about this disease. But for what I read, this disease is a chronic one = he has to carry it throughout his life becoz it's an incurable disease. In mild case, he only needs to take medication for the rest of his life. If it's serious, then he has to have surgery. And the worst case is that he will lose his hearing forever. So we just hope that Tsubasa-kun is only a mild case.