DL - SMAP Nakai being Jr. on Kisumai Concert

I want to share a video from Tereasa SMAP which airing on 19th this March.. There are Snow Man >.<,
many Jr. is appearing.. Hopefully, you can enjoy this show, this video will make you LOL..

Tereasa SMAP - Nakai and Jr..FLV_snapshot_09.09_[2014.03.27_01.15.36]

Tereasa SMAP - Nakai and Jr..FLV_snapshot_10.55_[2014.03.27_01.16.32]
Yeah this is when Nakai entering Jr. training room, (Ganchaaann >.<, Abe is'nt here tough)

Tereasa SMAP - Nakai and Jr..FLV_snapshot_11.50_[2014.03.27_01.17.10]
Nakai is practising for the opening of concert, just for the info, Nakai appeared for 6 segmen for this concert ^~^

Tereasa SMAP - Nakai and Jr..FLV_snapshot_11.52_[2014.03.27_01.17.23]
Ganchaaaan~~~ Ganchaaan~~ (how crazy me when watch him here~)

Tereasa SMAP - Nakai and Jr..FLV_snapshot_12.32_[2014.03.27_01.18.20]

Tereasa SMAP - Nakai and Jr..FLV_snapshot_47.21_[2014.03.27_01.21.24]
This is part when Nakai n Snow Man help Kisumai to wear their rollerblade..
Tereasa SMAP - Nakai and Jr..FLV_snapshot_47.34_[2014.03.27_01.22.16]
Seeee, him again, under spotlight... >.< Iwamo kunnnn~~~ XD

Whoever want to watch n download this video, you can go HERE

Enjoy it!! \O.O/

I'm very appreciated if you give some comments.. Thank you :)
Hi there, thank you for sharing. I really love this special show becoz Nakai is my ichiban in Smap as well as my Snow Man appeared on TV.

I hope someone will sub it in future.
Hahaha yes, i don't understand japanese too, but to watch them in this show include nakai make me lol, hahaha so funny nakai.. I have requested my friend to sub this video..
When I saw the preview in twitter, I was super happy becoz at last my Snow Man could appear on TV. I miss them so much. Too bad that Abe was not there.

But I love when Nakai entered the room, Snow Man and the other Jrs were frozen, especially Fukka who stood there frozenly. Ha ha ha.... So cute!
Ahahaha, yeah, i agree with you, their expression it's funny, they become silent stare at Nakai.. haha.. Hmmm Abe was not there, maybe he was busy with study XD
Thank you so much! SMAP, Kisumai, Snow Man and I see some of my sparkly fave juniors there too. I will definitely enjoy, thank you for your work (^.^)/
Haha yeah, douita~~ i love them too.. So sad abe chan isn't there.. Nakai made me LOL too whenever i watch again XD