Download Snow Man Acrobatic

Yuhuuuu.. long time ~~~

Yeah, it's definitely about Snow Man again XDD
After ACT SHOW ( first time i read it Act Snow XD), Bite the Love and now is ACROBATIC~~

Wuhuuuu~~~ this is what i'm waiting for :))
I love the dance XD they looks adorable in their ownstyle haha..
the dance created by six of them :)
Funny face for Miyadate, but Hikaru looks more thin XD i love his black hair as usual, you're handsome with your black hair Ganchan :)
And i see when Fukka do some Matsujun monomane XD

Overall, i love this song :)

You can download it HERE

You can find the others link too :)
Just enjoy it syalalalala~~ My snowman mood is on higher lv now haha just becoz 1 song XDD..